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The Willow Wizard is a wizard with willow, woodwork and cricket bat repair.

The Willow Wizard

My name is Nigel Donovan and I live in a century old willow tree in Herefordshire. I've been a fan of cricket all my life. Now that I'm too long in the tooth to play I spend many of my summer hours scoring for whoever will have me. When I'm not scoring you'll likely find me fixing someone's bat. - I began working with wood in my teens when I apprenticed as a cabinet maker in High Wycombe. In the forty-something years since then I've always worked with wood. Nowadays I apply my skills to cricket bats rather than furniture. I really love this because I can combine my passion and my talents and make people smile. Who could ask for more? - I repaired my first bat in 2013. Since then, I have repaired more bats than you can shake a stick at and never a disgruntled client! If your bat is damaged, you can trust me to treat her with all the love and care that you would. Have a browse through the images on my site and see what can be achieved with love, skill and a bit of willow wizard magic. You'll be surprised. (And no I don't live in a willow tree. It just feels like it sometimes.)

Cricket Bat Repair Workshop Nr. Ross-on-Wye, Hereford, England. Willow magic takes place here.

The Work

Services & Pricing

"Cosmetic Makeover"

Strip, repair minor knocks, refinish, fit new grip, oil and label (WW), complete check for cracks, splits etc.


Repair face, edge, toe, shoulder, all splits and cracks etc.

Protective Facing

Supply and fit new protective reinforced facing to blade.

Replace Handle

Includes full service, rebound handle and new grip of your choice, this will generally be the same as the one removed unless otherwise specified.

Handle Size Adjustment

Length or girth. Includes rebinding and grip.

Replacement Toe Guard

Supply and fit new toe guard and repair minor nicks to the toe of the blade.

Other Work

Additional specified repair work not covered in the above.
[£ P.O.A.]


During the playing season we offer a full “A & E” service. In the knowledge that your prize blade may be required the weekend following an “injury”, we will repair the bat and return it to you within 48 hrs of receipt.
[£15-00 surcharge]

Prices subject to change. Please check with us for current rates.


“Hi Nigel, Hope you are well, just wanted to drop you a quick message to thank you for the amazing work you did on my bats, the new balance has been awesome since I’ve had it back and I’ve averaged 48.5 with it. Thanks for your work and I’ll highly recommend you to anyone else who needs repairs. Thanks”

Joe P.

“I would highly recommend using Nigel to fix your bats. I sent him two Kookaburra bats, both in dire need of repair and now, after Nigel repaired them, I feel like I have two brand new cricket bats. Thanks so much!”

Will C.

“Thanks Nigel, great repair!! Much appreciated.”

Andy Rogers (Sports Coach – Canon Frome CC)

“Hey Nigel Thanks for your continued incredible work. Costs all sound great to me. Thanks.”

Freddie Chatt (Village Cricket)

“Many thanks, an amazing job, thought the Goose was dead!”

Jack D. – Ross on Wye CC Captain

“Just wanted to say that I picked up the bat from the Post Office today, it looks even better than I thought!
Looking forward to trying it out, thanks for all your hard work!”

Mr. B. Toulson

“I sent away a dead bat and have recieved back a bat that is better than when it was brand new. The best thing I can say is Nigel treated my bat like it was his own. The willowizard perfectly discribes the work he does.”

Keith Thomas

“Sorry I missed you too, bat went really well yesterday. Thank you for knocking it in, feel really confident using it now you've done a great job. Thanks again and will be in touch in the future.”

George Wood-Cole

“Yes plenty of runs on the weekend! It was a bit of a one sided game in our favour - I was extra pleased to have the Spartan back as I retired myself with a straight six over the bowler's head! You will be the first words across my lips when I see any damaged or tatty bats however - we are all very pleased with your work and can now demonstrate it in person too. All the best for what will hopefully be a packed Summer of cricket!”

Andrew W.




“Hi Nige, This is a fab website that your brother-in-law has designed for you. I hear he maintains and hosts it as well. Better get round to giving this nice chap the reasonable remuneration he's asking for in the footer, methinks!”

Ian Botham


The Willo Wizard

Address: Gardener’s Cottage, Harewood Park, Harewood End, Herefordshire HR2 8JS

Country: UK

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: 07789 198056

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